May 5, 2009


Malkin scapegoats immigrants for flu spreadApril 28: Michelle Malkin claims that the spread of contagious disease is a result of "uncontrolled immigration." Is the Republican echo chamber stirring the American melting pot with its classic recipe of hate and fear? Margaret Carlson of Bloomberg News joins "Countdown."


I don't even have anything to add. It's just... sad.


  1. But if we close the border and keep the Mexican immigrant and migrant farmers at home we won't get the swine flu, or strawberry s or blueberries, or peaces, or chicken, or beef, or most fruits and vegetables. We wouldn't get new roofs or houses built. Or lawns mowed. etc.

  2. ...or the need for "press 1 for English.....".

    Maybe now's the time to begin training up a few of your own to learn how to grow chickens and
    mow your Astroturf.

  3. growing chickens: I tried that once. I watered it and watered it but the egg just never did anything. Maybe I buried it deep.

  4. Tsk. Didn't listen to your mother, eh?

  5. No the spread of the disease is do to Spring break reveilers that went to Mexico drunk off their kester...lowering their immunity system, etc. BAN SPRING BREAK!