May 8, 2009


Charlotte and I braved the humid Alabama weather to get her periodic pump check.

First she got radiated and electrographerated.

Had some play time with her friend Kianna.

... and later, a familiar face showed up!

Doctor Colvin listened...

...and looked

...and then it was off to get hooked to the Holter.

And then she's done for another year!
(and you know this one can't miss a photo op)

The Holter monitor records heart activity while she's wearing it. After 24 hours, we take it off and send it in to be analyzed. To help the analyzer, we keep a log of her activities that could explain any unusual readings.

Charlotte's log read something like this:
10:45 - start monitor
11:00-11:15 - nap
12ish-12:30 - lunch
1:20- 2:00 - climbing/falling/climbing/falling/climbing/falling...etc.
2:30 - heard beeping sound, found she had unpacked monitor and was pushing buttons, hope that doesn't matter
2:30 - accidentally scared the crap out of her when I discovered her doing this
2:45- napping bouncing on bed
2:50 - crying
2:55 - ticked off
3:00 - really pissed
3:10-4:10 nap
Anyway, it was a good visit with nothing but good news. The PDA is all but closed and not something we're going to even think about anymore. She will not need pacing at all for the following year and maybe not even for two or three more. She's strong and healthy!


  1. OMG Look at Miss Charlotte's cheeks!!!! She is so darn cute! I am so happy to hear her update!

  2. What a trooper to have to go through all that and tolerate it so well.

    She's such a cutie and what great news!


    that picture of her in the sidebar with the word "baby" in alphabet pasta on her forehead is so adorable!

  3. What a precious girl.

  4. Lisa in AlaskaMay 10, 2009 8:42 PM

    Oh my heavens, you make beautiful babies womon!

  5. Thanks for sharing! She is so cute! I like the heart art at the top, did you make that?