September 19, 2011

This one is all about me :)

Finally things are getting sorted out!

I've got two wonderful internships this semester, one at the local Public Library Archives. I am processing old dusty boxes containing legal cases from a few decades back. It makes me 'eart a-flutter to be around all the old dilapidated books and photographs and artifacts. (it also makes my lungs hurt so I don a surgical mask, the kind I'm always swiping from hospital clinic visits) The only problem at first was the struggle to resist the compulsion to push the button and let the moving shelves close in on me, smashing me betwixt moldy and dusty. But, then the archivist informed me that there are built-in preventions for that very thing, and so it's not possible. Damn. I mean, it seemed such an adventure.

The other is a paid internship in a similar setting. Oh how my heart throbbed when I first laid eyes on the wonders contained therein. Not only do they have old moldy books and things, but photographs, objects, blueprints, things I can't even identify but they are old and rusty and electrical looking. And art. They house all the corporate art, racks ad racks of it. ~sigh~ There is a museum section as well so I will be assisting with setting up exhibits. Heaven!

So there's the fun stuff. The mo' funna stuff is that I've been enjoying the company of some lovely ladies, as we all try to find our niche in the artsy world. Heera, the soon to be locally famous celebrated henna artist, has been very busy attending events and promoting her art. She has also been busy covering me with henna.

She does great work, wouldn't you say? Susan also has been ramping up her jewelry and Motherly Creations business, and we three went in on a booth at the recent Babypalooza. I sold a goodly amount of babywearing ring slings.

(HennaJenna. The way in, as you can see, is through my brain.)

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  1. I'm glad to see you posting again. I've been wondering how you've been and a little sad that you've been gone. But I really do understand the struggles with moods.

    I've been writing some about moods on my blog, The Sprightly Writer...and have more posts planned to talk about moods and creativity since I've been reading up a LOT about it.

    you can click on the My Writing tab at the top to take a look at some of my posts on moods.

    Fair warning...the first page contains a story of suicidal ideation. I get hit with that from time to time. I have never really talked about it until recently. I think it's important to talk about some of this stuff.

    I tend to share a lot of characteristics with bipolar II, though i have never been officially diagnosed. From my personal research, it seems there is a lot of overlap between creative traits and bipolar traits. And there are some books to help work with some of the floods and droughts of bipolar creativity. I'll be talking about my findings on my SW blog.

    I like Kay Jamison's video on exuberance.

    She's a top researcher of bipolar issues, and she has bipolar I as well. I loved her book "An Unquiet Mind".

    The henna tattoos are so beautiful, and yes, I can see why the yin/yang would be a great talisman for you. That's another one of my posts I'm preparing. I have a few talismans I'm collecting to 'ward off' some of my melancholic periods.

    I hope Babypalooza was fun. I used to use a ring sling with my littlest. I still have trouble parting with it, even though I know some nursing mama might benefit from it if I can find one to donate it to.

    "I still grieve some losses, but remind myself that it is better to have loved and lost than to never have felt that searing stabbing pain at all."

    Sister, I hear you. I really, really do.

    Big hugs, my friend.