October 3, 2009

We think we're done with the flu... and other stuff

Charlotte has been quite sickly lately. The poor lass has had 104 fevers, has been coughing, sneezing, shivering, trembling, fussing, crying, and feeling just generally miserable. I'm 99% sure it's the flu, and since about 95% of the flu that's being circulated right now is H1N1, then we're fairly sure that's what she had. It has definitely struck our little town, with numerous kids out of the elementary school (some from A's classroom in fact) and with the middle and high schools having significant numbers absent as well. We've also come into contact with some other people who reported back as having it a few days after we saw them... so... that's what we're figuring.

I won't say 100% though until I see how it spreads amongst our family.

*Ugh, as of Monday she's still sick. Doc says could be a few more days still.

Anyway, here's how Charlotte does sick-time:

I did manage to get a smile out of her for this shot but it was the only time she smiled in about a 48 hour period!

A few days before:______

Daddio/Grandad with the sproutlings. They were making hats for him and forcing him to play the MASH game, while he demonstrated how to use fancy-dress suspenders. Yeah, I don't know.


Madison and Andrew playing in the water... during the rain. I guess it falls under the whole "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

Andrew filling up his hat with water.

Now putting water-filled hat on.

Thumbs up for Hat 'O Water.


  1. Sitting in bed on the computer, isn't that the way all women spend sick days?

  2. Uh, yeah, I have no idea where she learned it! ;)

  3. haha, i was thinking the same thing as SusanB! (wish she had a profile...i was wondering if that's my sis-in-law...)
    glad C is better. good pics of the kids- i believe i see Maddie in a couple of them?
    jenna, i didn't know you'd started a blog...at least i didn't remember you mentioning it. anyway, i'm following now! good stuff.

  4. Steph, yes you did and you've even commented before! Ooh, someone's getting brain fog!!! ;)

    Yepper, you see MaddieJo. She's here and there throughout -- have a look around.

    I'm not so sure C is better. She seems to be hanging on to whatever this is.

  5. Aw... I hope things are going to improve soon. I hate sickness and the flu (any kind of flu) is the worst.

    We have been down with turrible coughs this past few weeks that keep coming and going (yes, I meant to say turrible. The way Cleveland from Family Guy and The Cleveland show says terrible).

    I hope you guys all feel better soon.


  6. It wasn't flu. She's been very sick but getting better. I will update soon but we've been in the hospital with a strange infection. Girlfriend, it's about time you suck it up and do the facebook thing, much as you hate it, cause it's just too easy to make ONE entry and inform 45 people at once, ya know. For you non-FB people I gotta sit down and write out an email and try to remember your email addy. ~ sigh ~ so much trouble! ;) Turrible trouble.