July 8, 2009

Birthday Girl

Charlotte was suffering from unknown malady number three on her birthday:

But she was able to muster up some sunshine.
and even tend to babydoll's needs :)

And of course at the 2 year mark she has accomplished some significant milestones!
And of course, there's this kid, who has figured out how to make really cool photos.

Ok, so with a week gone by and Charlotte on the mend, we resume plans.
But Grandad needs to think a while...
Ok, thinking done and over with. On to better things.
(Righteous dudes.)
(Sorry everyone else, I either didn't get a photo of you or I promise you wouldn't want me posting the one I did get -- or I just got lazy)
Charlotte gets to play in water while we wait.
Madison says it's ready.

Happy Birthdays for Madeline and Charlotte


  1. You've come a long way, baby!

    Happy Belated Birthday Charlotte!

    Awesome photos!

  2. Awwww Those are adorable pictures. your kids are super gorgeous. That's a cool walker. I was so hoping Jake would have one of those one day, years ago, but alas, it's never to be. It's so good to see she is walking! Beautiful girl with such soul in her eyes.

  3. CC and Gianna got the exact same pink baby doll stroller for their birthdays! Happy Birthday, sweet toddler girl!